Submissions for the Lyrikpreis München 2021

Thank you for the numerous submissions. Further information will follow soon!

The winner will be announced by September 30, 2021. The prize can be split, but there is no 2nd or 3rd prize.

The award ceremony and book premiere will take place in November 2021. This is the same month that Martin Luther began translating the New Testament 500 years ago in the Wartburg. For this translation he created the so called „Luther-German“ - a German that could be understood by everybody of German language and thus enabled everybody to read and reflect on his own.

Ulrich-Schäfer-Newiger, Kristian Kühn and Harald Albrecht will select the award winner and the texts for the book for the award ceremony.

* Ulrich Schäfer-Newiger studied German as well as law and social sciences. He worked as a lawyer, essayist and poet. Co-editor of the literary magazine TORSO. In 2001 his volume of poetry "Wir Argonauten" was published. Participation in Signaturen - forum for autonomous poetry. Publications in various anthologies.
* Kristian Kühn is a filmmaker, poet and essayist. Editor of the Signaturen Magazin.
* Harald Albrecht is a publisher and poet. Most recently he published the volumes of poetry "Wie duftet die auf Bibel kalibrierte Sprache" (2020), "Das Mannequin will angezogen werden" (2018) and Euphrat, Tigris und andere schwarze Locken" (2016).

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